About Us

McCabe & Buchanan Events & Marketing is a full service marketing agency offering solutions and strategies through creative ideas.  We use our 6 L Process to provide your company with the best marketing approach.

The 6 L Process

Look:  We look. We want to see your company through the eyes of the public.  This allows us to provide an outside perspective on your company by the first meeting.
 We actively listen in order to understand your company’s objectives, goals, and budgets–not only from where you have been but where you want to be in the future.
Learn:  We learn through research. We conduct market research in order to understand your business and become educated with your industry.
Labor:  We labor.  Having collected and analyzed all of the data, we prepare the plan that best suits your company for success.
We launch your plan into motion.
We love you and your company.  Our primary objective is to love and nurture our relationship through continuous communication and growth.

You’ve planted the seed, we provide the rich soil, and together we can grow the roots necessary for your company to bloom and continue to produce bountiful fruit.

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Our Story

Buchanan has a passion for creating partnerships that are mutually beneficial.  She discovered this passion when she began her career in television with an NBC affiliate in Roanoke VA, 1996.  Hired as a salesperson in television advertising, her focus was new business.  She found that television was cost prohibitive for most of the local business owners.  Her solution was to create a series of commercials that ran for three months and featured four businesses within a commercial.  “Fun in the Sun” was a series of three commercials that featured outdoor activities.  In the first commercial there was a family playing in the pool, enjoying a BBQ.  This is where McCabe, Buchanan’s daughter, began her career in marketing as well.  She was 6 years old and was one of the talent in the commercial.  In that particular commercial the four advertisers were the pool company, the swimsuits store, the grill and the outdoor furniture company.  The commercials played for three months.  The result was an idea that allowed the participants to profit for ¼ the cost.

Buchanan left television she was offered a position as GSM in radio for the NTR (Non Traditional Revenue) Department.  She was responsible for creating any kind of revenue other than traditional advertising dollars. Her position with Clear Channel allowed her creative thinking process to form alliances in the community for successful events.  Throughout this time, McCabe was an active participant in many different marketing aspects of Buchanan’s career.

Buchanan was hired by several radio groups to create NTR departments.  Through these creations Buchanan has created and implemented events of vast array including fishing tournaments, concerts, health expos, kids day, tailgate parties, and festivals, just to name a few.

Buchanan left radio to open her own Marketing Agency.  There she placed buys in media, created business plans, wrote proposals and grants, implemented a kids club, created and maintained websites, wrote monthly publications, designed logos, and more.  Buchanan offers more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of marketing, having worked with almost all industries.

Today, McCabe & Buchanan Events & Marketing encompasses all aspects of marketing, using McCabe & Buchanan’s previous experience.  The goal is to help your company grow and blossom.